It must have been years that I came cross the statement “thrive, not just survive” with regards to health and wellbeing – even though I cannot remember, who said it… What if, we would feel not just “OK”, “quite good” and “everything all right”, but we felt really energetic, at ease and physically very fit?

I suspect that most of us do not consider themselves on the “survive”-mode when it comes to physical health and condition. As long as we do not have a serious condition -so it goes – things are fine. Otherwise said, the absence of a serious condition becomes rather the proof of us being in good shape – hence, no questioning of our lifestyle and nutritional patterns.

However, what about the little cold we caught the other day, what about the lack of energy after our lunch, what about a bit of stomach ache… or the continuously blocked sinuses, the small eczema here and there, or the need for coffee in the morning to favor digestion? Having such symptoms regularly in different forms is what we might call “surviving, not thriving”…

Even myself I would have had a hard time imagining… that physical – even minor – issues could go away and that my body could be capable of taking care of itself in a powerful, intuitive and protective manner… in my case through considerable lifestyle changes and a nutritional transformation (started 9 years ago) I came to experience and to better understand the incredible healing power of our body. I now can forget about blocked sinuses, overweight and counting of calories, dark circles under the eyes…

I suspect that we intuitively know about the “wisdom” of our body and at same time we might not be willing to be sufficiently responsible for our lifestyle and nutrition choices?! Do we think this would be a sacrifice of pleasure, fun, social interaction? Hence, it might seem easier to find arguments such as “a little bit of that cannot be so bad”, “I have to enjoy life a bit” to justify how we eat, how we treat our body and how we treat life in general…

Eventually, it boils down to “choice”. Do I want to be reactive or do I find a way to become active (i.e. taking care of my life, my decisions, my body, my health, my wellbeing…). Agreed, transformation processes can be – or should I say “are” – complex, time consuming and not necessarily easy… indeed, emotional issues that might pop up – and dealing with them can be a challenge.

Still, moving towards more responsibility for our own choices (such as nutrition, lifestyle, physical activity…) contains the potential of feeling and experiencing the “thriving”-mode. Fitter, more in tune with oneself, with the others, physically in better shape – not just a dream, but a possibility we can achieve!

To conclude… often referred to, Ludwig Feuerbach (a German philosopher) already wrote in 1864 “You are what you eat”. An idea – in a time where the number of sick people continues to rise – more relevant than ever!

©The Vibrant Factory
About Stefan Lehner: Nutrition Coach & Educator based in Paris, available worldwide. Previously worked in management in an international corporation. Advocates the tremendous impact of food and lifestyle choices on our health and wellbeing. Focusses on durable transformations and jeopardizes quick-fixing., on Facebook and Instagram

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