How many times, after disappointments and – what we label – failures, do we throw everything (including ourselves) in the waste bin or actually give up? A professional project not taking off quite yet, repeating mismatches in romantic relationships, eternal attempt to get physically in shape… Well, what if children could give us an extraordinarily inspiring life lesson when it comes to believing in ourselves and persevere in our ventures?Think about a child learning to walk. He or she will try once, and will fall down once, will try a second time and will fall down again, a third, a fourth time… You get the idea. What happens after numerous attempts and falls? Maybe some bruises, bumps and tears – and another attempt! Probably adding and testing modifications (such as walking barefoot, finding a grip somewhere, experimenting with speed…) Until, finally, the child walks, maybe only a short distance, another fall (now better controlled, without tears), quickly getting back on its feet, walking a longer distance…

The child does not jeopardize his or her impulse and desire – even after many falls and failed attempts to stay on its feet… it is just connected to his or her wise knowledge that “walking is the right thing for me”. No giving up, just the trust in his or her impulse – all that is needed to continue his or her attempts to walk.


Hence, the lesson is simple: Nothing – besides our mental state and our ego – can prevent us from “standing up after a fall” and continue our quest of our visions, our goals, our ambitions. Taking in the learnings from previous attempts, getting (newly) identified obstacles out of the way, adding modifications in how we do things… and most importantly: “being connected to what we truly want and believing in ourselves”…

Do we necessarily have “to fall several times” before we achieve what we aspire? Of course not, things might happen exactly as we hoped for right at the first attempt. Because you did so well, did everything “right”, are such a good person, because you “deserve” it? Of course not either: What we desire is one thing, fulfilment of our desires is a totally different matter. Remember, the realisation of your desires never depend entirely on yourself and your action, but also on outside factors (environment, another person, luck, circumstances…). So, even if you do everything “right”, you might fall. Another reason, actually, not necessarily blame oneself all the time…

As already said in ancient Indian teachings: We have the “entitlement” (and task) to act upon our desires, wishes, hopes. However, we do not have the “entitlement” on the outcome of our acts… to be continued in a future post…

Disclaimer 🙂 Obviously, I am not suggesting to remain in unhealthy, toxic and harming situations; such as “beat me once, please beat me twice”… The key  difference, certainly, lies in the our impulse and our desires. If the idea of the positive outcome of our attempts is stimulating, giving us positive energy, “feels good” and “feels right” –you go for, you fall down, you stand up again, with the inherent wisdom and trust that “this is for you”!

©The Vibrant Factory
About Stefan Lehner: Executive coach, Life coach, as well as nutrition coach & educator based in Paris, available to intervene worldwide. He previously worked in management in an international corporation. Advocates the tremendous impact of food and lifestyle choices on our health, wellbeing and our life. Durable transformation and challenging the quick-fix-ideal is one of his focus.
http://www.thevibrantfactory.com, on Facebook and Instagram

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