… And yet, “healthy eating” clearly has a peak season in spring and summer. “Sunny days are ahead, I have to get back in shape”, “Soon we go to the beach”…

Hence, is the idea of healthy eating mainly motivated by vanity, the desire to be thin and lose a few pounds? Didn’t we lose somewhere along the road the understanding that the main purpose of food is “nourishing the body”? Obviously, something went terribly wrong…

Between March and July women’s magazines are full of articles and “expert tips” for “a spring cleanse“, “how to get your body beach-ready” and “the bikini diet“. It is exclusively at this time of year that bookstores feature books on healthy eating prominently on shelf. As if hiding the body in autumn/winter facilitated the negation of the impact of food on our bodies and our health. As if lifestyle diseases (for example cardiovascular problems, overweight, type 2 diabetes, a very large number of cancers, irritable bowel syndrome…) did not exist beyond the summer season. Yet these illnesses represent the vast majority of today’s health issues – a peculiar imagined reality

The fact that the most people are more open to the idea of healthy eating in spring and summer says a lot about today’s state of mind:

  • A lack of understanding of healthy and unhealthy nutrition
  • A lack of willingness to understand (or rather to recognize) the direct link between food and physical health
  • A lack of ability (or willingness) to take ownership for one’s body and one’s own health!

Food (together with water and oxygen) is the only fuel the human body knows in order to “function” properly. So, evidently, there is this direct link between what a person eats and his or her physical condition! Just about everyone can understand that!

And yet, in everyday life it seems simpler and “more convenient” to pretend that “globally I am in rather good shape“… Moreover, when facing a serious health concern it always seems more “suitable” to seek the explanation outside of our scope, in bad luck, destiny or some sort of punishment from a Greater Power – instead of just recognizing that disease is a direct effect of a cause (the cause being unhealthy eating, poor lifestyle choices, pollution…).

That said the human body is a miraculous machine! Taking into account today’s typical lifestyle, it is indeed a sensation what the body manages to endure and still stays more or less alive. However, isn’t the primary role of the human body to provide health, strength, vitality and physical (and emotional) well-being – instead of just allowing us to survive (examples of this “survival”: fatigue, overweight, bad breath, digestive problems, dark circles…). The answer seems evident, doesn’t it?

Everyone has a choice: Thrive or just survive. “Seasonal” healthier eating will not do it. What is required, firstly, is the awareness that lifestyle diseases are not a “seasonal phenomena” either. They manifest themselves all year round! It’s time to recognize everyone’s responsibility and ownership for their personal relationship with food and for a potential time bomb in the making!

The author of this blog has just written a book (in French) on nutrition, food myths, nutritional transformation and healthy eating – ready to be published in October. And yet, the publication had to be delayed until March 2019 taking into account the prevailing reality for the moment … that “healthy eating” sells better in spring 🙂

©The Vibrant Factory
About Stefan Lehner: Executive coach, Life coach, as well as nutrition coach & educator based in Paris, available worldwide. He previously worked in management in an international corporation. He loves to explore with the client his or her emotions, thoughts and limiting belief patterns, in order to shift towards a renewed outlook and jeopardizing his or her old certitudes. His credo in all coaching situations is empowerment and taking responsibility: become responsible for one owns choices, desires and acts., on Facebook and Instagram

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