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“He has still not answered my email”, “She again criticized my idea during the conference call”, “Why I am not invited to this meeting?”…  Often, our emotions will ride very high, very quickly: sadness, fear, angriness, hatred and grudge.

What happens then? Generally, we react while stilling being submerged by emotions (often not felt consciously): the angry reply with n+1 and n+2 in copy, withholding information, cutting communication, even wishing to quit one’s job or a bit of “sabotage”… Good bye efficacy, productivity and professionalism… Continue reading


Nous vivons dans un monde de transformation –  tout le temps, à chaque moment de notre vie. Qu’on le veuille ou non, que nous soyons conscients ou non, nous sommes confrontés à un changement continu autour de nous et en nous. Même tous nos envies, convictions et tentatives ne peuvent pas arrêter la seule force constante qui existe: «le changement». Un sage indien (Swâmi Prajnânpad, décédé en 1974) – dont les messages j’apprécie beaucoup – a dit que « la différence est un principe majeur de la vie humaine et que le changement est juste une différence dans le temps ».

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We go through transformation all the time, at every moment of our lives. Whether we like it nor, whether we are aware or not, we are facing continuous change around us and within us. Even our strongest forces, convictions and attempts cannot stop the only permanent force there is: “change”. An Indian sage (Swâmi Prajnânpad who died in 1974) – whose messages I appreciate a lot –  said that “difference is a guiding principle in human life, and change is just difference over time”.

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