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You take a nutrition supplement, you drink some fruit juice after a night out, you do a soup detox for a couple of days – you might feel better or at least less guilty. And then? The chance is you go back to your regular habits. I have not seen yet anyone who succeeds with “quick-fixing”… Continue reading


Published in OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine (www.ommagazine.com), January 2017, p98-99.
A daring new paradigm in health. Stefan Lehner explains how we can improve our health and wellbeing – and other areas of our life – by making better, more conscious choices
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Prenez par exemple les baies de goji, le cacao cru, la poudre de maca, l’extrait de meringue et l’acai: qu’ont-ils tous en commun? Eh bien, ces aliments sont presque toujours considérés comme «super aliments» (par la suite appelés « superfoods »). En effet, le mot “superfoods” donne envie et sonne bien. Mais est-ce que ces superfoods – comme on nous fait croire – sont-ils vraiment « mieux », « plus puissants », « plus nutritifs » et « parfaits pour stimuler notre santé »?

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Take for example goji berries, raw cacao, maca powder, meringue extract, green powder and acai: What do they all have in common? Well, these items are very likely considered “superfoods”. Indeed, the word “superfoods” sounds smart and fancy. But are superfoods – as we are made to believe – really “better”, “more potent”, “more nutritious” and “ideal for boosting our health”?

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